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SYSTECH BHD (Stock Code : 0050) The Systech Group is currently principally involved in three (3) key business segment - Human Resource Management solutions, CyberSecurity and e-Logistics.

Systech’s Three (4) core operating subsidiaries are as follow: is the most user-friendly and innovative Al-powered end-to-end HCM Platform in the region. Founded in 2018, TalentCloud aims to tackle bedrock issues in modern Human Resource and Talent Management and help organisations build an A-team from day one.

Our product is designed with people-focused values, leveraging collaboration, transparency, and humanity to build an efficient and unbiased recruiting platform.

SysArmy Sdn Bhd ("SysArmy") is principally involved in Big Data Analytics and related applications focusing on cyber security services, managed security network monitoring system and other cyber security related products and advisory services.

SysArmy was incorporated on 9 December 2014 and was awarded its MSC Status on 10 October 2016. On 18 October 2016, SysArmy was also awarded the Cyber Security Innovation of the Year award for its Next Generation Security Operations Centre ("NGSOC") under the Malaysia Cyber Security Awards 2016, Cyber Security Malaysia - Awards, Conference & Exhibition ("CSM-ACE").

(The applications and services provided by SysArmy are to be referred to as "CyberSecurity"); and

Postlink Pte. Ltd. (“Postlink”), which is principally involved in the business of annual report and publication mailing in Singapore and the development of a new initiative in providing digitised annual report in a dynamic format (the services provided by Postlink are to be referred to as “e-Logistics”).

SysAIU Sdn Bhd ("SysAIU") was incorporated in 05 May 2023 and its principal activities are in the provision of software related services, trade in software related peripherals and provision of management services.